When it comes to makeup application, sanitation is 100% THE MOST IMPORTANT PART. Brushes need to be cleaned before and after each client, so in this section Carolyn will explain her process: 


1. Wash hands for 30 seconds two times, followed by 99% alcohol.

2. Clean surface with surface cleaner-bleach and lysol.

3. Lay fresh towel down, with clean paper towel on top.



1. Soak brushes in 99% alcohol. Spray handles until wet with 99% alcohol.

2. Wash each brush individually with soap and water, until water runs clear.  When washing bristles, Carolyn does not use her fingers, but rather a handheld silicone brush cleaner which covers her fingers.

*Step two is repeated until water runs clear. 

3. Swirl bristles on a fresh paper towel.

4.  Dip each brush in fresh 99% alcohol while still damp with water and wipe down handle with fresh 99% alcohol. 

5. Swirl each brush around on a fresh paper towel until brushes are slightly damp.

6. Wash each brush individually with shampoo two more times and squeeze dry with a fresh paper towel. 

7. Once barely damp, lay flat on clean paper towel  and spray once more with 99% alcohol until slightly wet.

8. Gently place dry paper towel down on top. Let dry for at least 8 hours.

Foundations, lipsticks and everything else in the kit:

1. Wash hands for 30 seconds two times followed by 99% alcohol. 

2. For pallet and pallet knife, each individual compact and pallet, spray top, sides and bottom one at a time with 99% alcohol until fully wet, and wipe dry.

3. Repeat step 1 at least twice more. on final spray, let air dry.

4.  Open cases, spray with alcohol and wipe down.

5. Repeat step 4 at least twice more and let air dry.

6. Repeat steps 1 though 5 for every item is makeup kit.

7. Gently place dry paper towel on top

When applying makeup and taking the extra steps:

1. Carolyn custom blends each of her foundation colors, and uses her pallet and knife so client's fresh makeup brush and/or sponge never touches the case. 

2. Carolyn never double dips her mascara. She only uses disposable wands and after each dip into the mascara, and application, she throws them away. 

3. Carolyn only uses fresh false lashes on her clients, customizing them to fit the eye shape.

4. Carolyn uses her pallet knife to scrape lipstick onto pallet and then dips her fresh lipstick brush onto the pallet.

5. Once a brush has touched the clients face, under no circumstances will it be placed back in the brush belt. It is put aside

*If a client has an open wound on their face or neck, Carolyn will not use her brush, but will instead use a disposable sponge.

*When soaking items with 99% alcohol and making them fully wet, it takes longer to evaporate. Carolyn sprays all of her products with 99% alcohol until fully wet multiple times for this reason. The amount she uses it can take hours to evaporate. It is worth it.

Also, fun fact, 99% alcohol is used to activate some of her special FX makeup.

2016 by Carolyn Walter Makeup Artistry | Washington D.C. Makeup Artist